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Creative Class


As a business owner, I know that more workforce housing and affordable childcare options are crucial in supporting our local economy. As our region has transitioned away from large farm families the transition of housing options has lagged.  We are seeing encouraging housing developments across the district, which I will work to support. I will also support exciting collaboration initiatives like we saw with the Child Development Center in Viroqua.

Intravenous Drip


I will work to address the lack of affordable mental health services in our communities and I will work to support our local healthcare services. I support affordable mental and physical health services and the rights of all women to make their own health care choices.


I believe that education is the great equalizer and I am a strong supporter of public education.  I appreciate the diversity of options available through private schools and all that they bring to our community, but I also believe that public money should have public accountability. Rural schools are our community hubs, not only providing an abundance of services to all children but also providing a place that brings people together. Public schools are the heart of our communities and we must find statewide solutions to the funding issues so communities are not forced to need referendum after referendum.

Country Field


I was raised in a farming community and I am a strong supporter of our local agriculture.  I have witnessed the steady decline of family farms as they struggle to compete the large-scale agribusiness monopolies. I believe local farmers of all sizes deserve a fairer playing field and better opportunities to be successful.



As an avid sportsman, I strongly support wildlife conservation and efforts to protect the rich environment of our region. I commend and support community-driven local initiatives like the watershed projects that are working to mitigate flooding. I will work to support policies to protect safe, clean drinking water.

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